Veg Japanese Curry

Key Ingredients

Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms
Curry Roux

Serving Instructions

Eat immediately or keep refrigerated.

Best before 1 day.


A perfect winter warmer, the curry will be served with japanese short grain rice and fukujinzuke, a daikon radish pickle. The veg alternative uses shiitake and oyster mushrooms to impart the same savoury, earthy flavour and texture that beef would.

The Veg curry contains dairy and gluten from the curry roux


Similar to the beef curry this Japanese curry separates and preserves the flavour of all of its components. This starts with making the curry base, the roux and cooking that out separately before adding the rest of the ingredients and vegetables.The mushrooms are added towards the end of the cooking process to maintain a firm but pleasant texture to bite into.

Portion Size: 300g~350g
Protein - 5g
Carbohydrate - 28g
Fat - 13g
These numbers are estimates, each meal may vary slightly.